Since 1976


August 10, 1976

The original building is purchased and renamed Donovan's Reef.

Donovan's Reef, or Donovan's as it is sometimes referred to, came into existence as we know it on August 10th, 1976.  when the current partners purchased the former establishment and renamed it Donovan's Reef after the famous John Wayne comedy movie from the early 1960's about a former sailor who owns a bar situated on a South Pacific island after W.W.II called "Donovan's Reef."    If you've never seen the movie, it's worth a few laughs. 

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May 1, 1995

The original building gets remodeled.

Donovan's Reef was remodeled by the current owners, with extensive re-work on the outdoor deck, the side patio and bar - the "Tree House", the beach bar - otherwise known as the "Tiki Bar"



May 26, 1995

Donovan's becomes one of the most popular Jersey Shore Beach Bars.

Donovan's Reef' is the only beach bar in Monmouth County and one of the very few on the entire NJ shore!  Donovan's Reef is famous for showcasing top rated and upcoming bands outside on Sunday afternoons.  You can relax and hear the music and even dance, while getting a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.   You can eat, drink, swim, play volleyball, listen to bands, and in the day time, even bring the family and friends for a day on the beach !



October 9,  2012

Hurricane Sandy destroys the building.

Sadly, Hurricane Sandy struck in the fall of 2012 and a rogue wave went over the sea wall, striking the existing structure and moving it off its slab foundation by about 30 feet! It was to take 3 years before Donovan's Reef could temporarily re-open with the Tiki Bar on the beach in the summer of 2015.



 July 10, 2015

Donovan's temporararily re-opens with just the Tiki Bar in 2015.

Donovan's Reef re-opens its Tiki Bar for one summer in 2015, while still planning the construction of a new facility and arranging the financing of the new building.



May 26, 2017

Donovan's Reef is rebuilt with a new building in 2017.

In May of 2017, Donovan's Reef re-opened after Hurricane Sandy demolished the original structure in October, 2012.  The new building features ocean views and a larger deck, but the same friendly owners and staff !