ID Policy


Donovan’s Reef Identification Policy follows that of New Jersey State Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

  • Every person entering Donovan’s Reef must present a valid Photo Drivers License or Identification from the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles. Anyone under the age of 25, must enter through the front door and shall present two forms of identification.

  • Identification questions CANNOT be determined over the phone or via email. Since, the appearance of the individual presenting the identification must be compared to the identification presented by the individual, identification questions can only be answered in person by the individual looking at the identification in question.


Primary Identification:

  • Drivers License – If a driver’s license is changed, duplicate, not from New Jersey, or if the door person doesn’t believe the individual presenting the identification is the person who is pictured on the identification, secondary (back up) photo identification is required.

Secondary Identification:

The following Secondary (back up) ID is acceptable only if accompanied with a primary form as outline above:

  • Passport – If the passport appears altered in any way, or if the individual presenting the identification does not look like the person on the passport, it will not be accepted. Further, the picture on the passport must be less than five years old (if the individual presenting the passport is younger than thirty years old) to be accepted as a primary form of identification. By way of example, if the passport presented says that the individual is 24 years old, and the picture on the passport was taken when that individual was 18, this is NOT acceptable as a primary form of identification.

  • County Identification Card (photo)

  • Military ID (photo)

  • Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Card (photo)

  • NJDMV Boat License (photo)

If there is any question, after observing the Primary and Secondary identification, the following may be used to help the door person decide if the individual is of age. The below is not to be used in place of secondary identification however:

  • Automobile Registration and Insurance Card (together)

  • Credit Cards (non photo)

  • Work Identification

  • College/University Identification


  • Anyone that is believed to be visibly intoxicated will be denied entry.

  • Anyone acting in such a manner to suggest that they will cause a disturbance on the premises will be denied entry.

  • Even if an individual has all of the above identification, if the door personnel does not believe the person presenting the identification is the person to whom the identification belongs, that individual will not be allowed in.

  • Children, 20 years old and younger are allowed in with a parent or guardian between the hours of 9am-5pm. After 5pm, NO ONE under the age of 21 is permitted entrance into Donovan’s Reef.

The bottom line is, if there is a doubt about your identification, bring as much back up as you possibly can to give yourself the best chance of getting into the bar.

All identification issues must be handled at the front door of Donovan’s Reef with the person presenting the identification in question. Identification issues cannot be solved over the phone or e-mail.